The Second Edition of 24 Hours With The Trees Kicks Off In September 22

The Second Edition of 24 Hours With The Trees Kicks Off In September 22. 24 hours with the trees is an annual arts, music, culture and tourism event organized by the Everything Nice Family with the aim of uniting,connecting and empowering the youth through fun games, clean up exercises, talent exhibitions and many other youthful activities.

The 3 days festival is packed with several interesting activities. The event will commenced from Friday, September 22 to Sunday, September 24.

The 2nd edition of the event which will happen this year promises to be more attractive and entertaining than the maiden edition.

Unlike many other youthful events that occur in enclosed spaces, the 24hrs with the trees initiative occurs in an open space surrounded with nature.

The Second Edition of 24 Hours With The Trees Kicks Off In September 22

On Friday, September 22, there will be a waving flag, moments reserved for the celebration of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, fancy dressing and old school night, spoken word, Standup comedy and night party.

On Saturday, September 23, which is day two of the 24 hours with the trees, there will be floats and aerobics session to keep the body in healthy shape. Also, there will be a cooking and eating competition, indoor games and climaxing it with some musical performances from celebrated artistes in the district and its environs.

By ringing down the curtains on September 24,2023, there will be a Thanksgiving service, walk in the park with social activities, Omo Tuo and Fufu festival, adventure hunt and some bonfire night with jazz music.

All of these events are properly tailored to encourage the youth to connect and socialize with one another whereas sending a subtle message to corporate entities and the world as a whole that the young ones are regrouping, uniting and preparing for opportunities that will elevate them, their community and their nations as a whole.

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